About Us

Dryline Media LLC is the Professional Leader in Extreme Weather Media.

Using cutting edge technology for video delivery, including leveraging LIVE video streaming capabilities of our partners, we are able to put fresh extreme weather content in your hands for broadcast and production use on local, national and international levels.

Our videographers and photographers are ready to provide you with LIVE video, as well as breaking news Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and stock footage and photography for your live and recorded broadcasts, as well as your production needs.

Millions of viewers around the globe have seen video and photographs supplied by Dryline Media on all major television networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, Univision and The Weather Channel, as well as many local television markets across the U.S.

Dryline Media Storm Chasers cover extreme weather anywhere it is happening, and do it LIVE!  They use state of the art equipment in vehicles especially equipped for the task utilizing high end video cameras, laptop computers, mobile internet, live weather radar, GPS tracking, and multiple means of communications.  Using the best in cutting edge technology and decades of combined experience in dealing with all modes of weather, they are uniquely suited for capturing extreme weather events, and getting them out to you as fast as possible.  Whether it be blizzards, tornadoes or hurricanes, our team can get you the coverage you need, when you need it!

Our History

Dryline Media was started by owner David Drummond in 2003 to handle his own licensing of extreme video and storm chasing contracts. In 2010, Dryline Media became an LLC and is greatly expanding operations that now includes other storm chasing videographers and photographers.

Our mission is to be the #1 provider of extreme weather media and become the world’s largest single database of extreme weather footage and photography.

While that is our end goal, our team also provides public service while storm chasing, reporting observed conditions to the National Weather Service to do our part in assisting with the warning process. Additionally, the National Weather Service is able to also utilize the LIVE video feeds to see for themselves, in real time, what is going on at the storm chaser’s location. Ground truth verification has never in history been easier than it is today with LIVE video streaming technology direct from the location!